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The college is situated in an historical complex in the centre of the town and structured in to two cloisters. The oldest one dates back to XVII century.
The main building is the mother home convent of the Saint Charles Missionary Order so called because it was built as the first house where the Bishop of Piacenza and migrant people's father, the blessed Monsignor Giovanni Battista Scalabrini (1887 - 1903) wanted to host the Congregation which today is named of him. The Mother House which guards the memory of the founder and of the Scalabrinian family is now a place where people can study and where you can find the history of the Congregation. Furthermore now it presents the spiritual landmark for all the missionaries scathered all over the world which refer to it for their permanent training activities.
The San Carlo Church, which is the migrants parish church of Piacenza diocese, is annexed to the House.
The whole building has had many restorations which have exalted its austere beauty. Particular during the restoration in the first ninetees people have thought of setting a part of the building to create a college to lodge - as the Founder wished- the university students which were obliged to study far away from their place of origin.
The house has 30 simple, double, triple and quadruple rooms with bath which have been destinated for groups 56 places totally.
One of the room is fitted out in order to be used by handicapped person. Another room communicates with the chaperon's one
28 bedrooms with bath and 6 bedrooms reserved to girls (reserved to students who stay there for at least one month)




Casa Scalabrini
Via Torta, 14
29121 Piacenza

Secretary office and porter's office opening hours: 3 pm - 7 pm

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fax +39.0523.348641

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How to get to the building from the trains station on foot

UniversitÓ Cattolica Sacro Cuore: on foot in about 20-25 minutes or using bus n. 2 - 3 (with stop in Piazzale Roma)

Polytechnic: 5 minutes on foot. The Piacenza seat of the Polytechnic is a few hundred metres from the college

University of Parma - degree in nursing and physiotherapy degrees - 20 minutes walk

Nicolini Conservatory: 10 minutes walk




Politecnico di Milano Polo territoriale di Piacenza

Politecnico di Milano Polo territoriale di Piacenza


UniversitÓ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

UniversitÓ Cattolica


UniversitÓ di Parma Corso di laurea in Infermieristica e Fisioterapia

UniversitÓ di Parma Corso di laurea in Infermieristica e Fisioterapia


  Conservatorio Nicolini

Conservatorio Nicolini